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Applause comes after a wonderful experience. At Applause, our home, a delightful gastronomic experience is what we aim to re-create. A harbour for the storms of the day, our setting is cozy, our food is elegant.

In an age of lab-grown meat, our steaks are REAL, masterfully done, true to tradition. Responsibly sourced ingredients are juxtaposed with a splash of creativity in our cooking. Paired with specially selected wines and spirits scoured from the world over, dining at Applause personifies your values and station in life. It’s an exhilaration to be savoured, not just spoken.


Applause bar

At Applause, our curated wine list is a natural extension of the ethos of the restaurant. A collection of traditional vintages and new age favourites, it aims to personify your values and reflect passions of the people who work to assemble it.

Journeying through the vineyards the world over, our alcoholic menu simply aims to delight. Just as with our food, we’re always perfecting that intricate dance of flavour, acidity and balance. A regularly refreshed menu ensures we source the best ingredients from what the seasons have to offer, allowing us to create our own concoctions that stamp, Applause.



Anticipate the magic. Delight the senses. Only at Applause.